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Frequently asked questions



What should I do about meals during the stay?


1.Breakfast and dinner are provided at 'South village restaurant'. Reservation required for set menu. See more Info.

2. Feel free to use our fully equipped kitchen. Guests can enjoy cooking together using locally grown vegetables and fish. 3.There are also some places to eat nearby. 

Are there any shops nearby?


Onizuka Farm, famous for fresh vegetables is a five minute walk away. 

Watanabe Shoten, a corner shop is 15 minutes walk in the central of Hirauchi town. 

In Onoaida town, there is a supermarket, A-Coop which is a five minute drive. 

The shop at South Village also sells some selected items. 


There are some places to eat nearby, Hachiman - izakaya, Banshaku - izakaya, Naa-yu Cafe - restaurant, Shisa Shisa - cafe. 


Is there a pickup service?


Sorry, we don’t offer a pickup service. 

Please use the bus or rent a car. 

The guesthouse is a 3 minute walk from the nearest bus stop, Hirauchi Iriguchi. 


Can I use mobile phones? Is there wi-fi?


Yes, docomo, softbank and au mobile phones have network. Other phones don't get much network. 

There is wi-fi available for free. 

Please ask us if you have any questions.

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