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Stay Facilities Rooms and Facilities

Socialize around the fire at a spacious, guesthouse with hinoki wood bath and goemon bath. Have a relaxing time surrounded by nature and the scent of trees. 


   Free: bedding, AC, shampoo and soap, hairdryer, cooking equipment, dishes, dishwashing liquid

   Extra charge: towel, toothbrush, washing machine, tumble dryer, shoe dryer

屋久島サウスビレッジ ドミトリールーム
屋久島サウスビレッジ 和室
Private rooms

2 person or 4 person western-style rooms with bunk beds.

Beds are specially made and are sturdy providing good quality of sleep. Each bed is equipped with a reading light and a curtain.

屋久島サウスビレッジ ラウンジ
Guesthouse Lobby
(Book corner)

Spacious lobby with high ceilings with numerous books. Enjoy reading in the book corner on a rainy day. 

屋久島サウスビレッジ ゲストキッチン
Cooking Facilities
 (kitchen, TV room,

Located in the centre of the guesthouse, “Irori-An” is the gathering space. 


Equipped with cooking stove, fridge, microwave, toaster, rice cooker and dishes. Basic seasoning (salt, sugar, soy sauce) is also available. Why not cook together with local vegetables


There is also an “irori”, a Japanese-style fireplace and a room with a large TV.

Mainly Japanese-style rooms (some with bunk beds). 6 or 8 tatami mat rooms with large windows are available depending on the number of guests. 

屋久島サウスビレッジ お風呂

There is a hinoki wood bath and goemon bath. Both are private baths. Shower rooms are also available. 

屋久島サウスビレッジ 食堂とショップ
Event Space

There is a terrace overlooking the sea. 


Gallery space is available to rent temporarily for guests. Why not stay  at our guesthouse and create artwork. 

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