We offer various rental services at Yakushima South Village.

* All services are only available for rent and return

  during reception opening hours (8:00-10:00, 16:00-19:00)

Yakushima South Village Rental Service

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屋久島サウスビレッジ レンタカー

Car rental (only for guests) 

Car type: Suzuki Swift (1000cc/5 persons) or similar *non-smoking cars only


Price (incl.): 6,600 yen for 24 hours
                      * additional hours: 3,300 yen/24 hours 

Disclaimer compensation fee (incl.): 1,100 yen/ 24 hours

Cancellation fees: 50% one day before, 100% on the day


Only available to drop off at Miyanoura Port, Anbo Port, Air Port, Yakushima Youth Hostel (Miyanoura),

(drops off charge 3,300 yen). 


Other rental conditions apply. 

​*Japanese or International drivers license required.

屋久島サウスビレッジ レンタサイクル

Rental cycle (available also for non-guests)

City Bike : 26 inch 5 gears 


Fee: 1,650 yen/24hr (1,100 yen for our guesthouse guest)

Sports Bike : 24 gears


Fee: 1,980 yen/24hr  (1,320 yen for our guesthouse guest)

*No bikes for children.

*Unavailable for delivery or drop off.

*Non-guests can rent it but reservation is not possible.

*Our guesthouse guest can reserve it but cancellation fees apply.
*Cancellation fees: 50% one day before, 100% on the day

Hiking gear rental (available also for non-guests)

Mostly Montbell products


Price one night two days (incl.)

 1,100 yen — rain wear (top and bottom),

                          backpack (20l - 30L), sleeping bag (3 seasons)

   550 yen — backpack cover, tights, trekking pole

  Additional day: half price from the price shown above per day

  Set price: 100 yen off per item when renting 2 items or more (per person)


Available for reservation but cancellation fees apply.

Cancellation fees: 50% one day before, 100% on the day.

​※No shoes to rent.